Interview Intelligence

A transformative data-driven approach leading talent teams rely on that unlocks insights from interviews and brings them to the heart of every hiring decision.

The old way of hiring isn’t up to today’s standards.

The most important decision a business makes is who to hire. But for years, the hiring process has been highly subjective, prone to bias, and full of unanswered questions.

There’s never been a way to unlock the insights hidden away in interviews – until now.

Interview intelligence is a fundamental departure from the old way of hiring. It extracts interview data and insights that allow teams to make hiring decisions based on real evidence and give them the visibility to uphold a high-quality, equitable process.

The Old Way

Without Interview Intelligence

  • Hiring Decisions

    Based on gut feel, choppy notes, and fuzzy memories

  • Candidate Experience

    Overlooked and neglected

  • Hiring Process

    Burdened with inefficiencies, bias, and inconsistencies

  • Compliance

    Hindered by interviews locked in a black box, making it hard to identify and solve problems

  • Interview Quality

    Impacted by buried signals that cause interviewers to pass on great talent

The New Way

With Interview Intelligence

  • Hiring Decisions

    Made confidently with real evidence from interview recordings, transcriptions, and key moments

  • Candidate Experience

    Prioritized with a thoughtful, efficient approach

  • Hiring Process

    Transformed by powerful interview insights into a faster, fairer process

  • Compliance

    Achieved with greater transparency, so you can course-correct quickly and ensure hiring excellence

  • Interview Quality

    Improved by training interviewers to identify and win great talent

“Good riddance to the inefficient, biased hiring processes of the past. Interview intelligence can fundamentally change how organizations find talent by paving the way for a fast, effective, and equitable hiring process.”

Adam Grant

Organizational psychologist, Wharton professor, host of WorkLife podcast with TED, New York Times bestselling author

“Interviews are often the most muddy and unclear part of the hiring process. Interview intelligence changes that, unlocking hidden conversation insights that help organizations make decisions with clarity and improve the most critical aspect of their hiring process.”

Ben Eubanks

Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Better interviews begin with the right questions.

Level up your hiring process with help from this bank of interview questions for your most critical roles.

Leading talent teams adopt interview intelligence to achieve 4 key outcomes.

Quality of Hire

Gain visibility into interviews, so you can improve candidate assesments, triangulate perspectives, and make hiring decisions based on real evidence.


Review interview highlights asynchronously to advance the best candidates, eliminate unnecessary interview steps, and speed up hiring decisions.

Hiring Excellence

Create a structured, consistent hiring process and streamline interviewer training, so you can give every candidate the hiring experience they deserve.

Equity & Inclusion

Overcome subjective decision-making with a consistent, structured interview experience that evaluates candidates in their own words.

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